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"Let Us Be Your Guide"


Tasmania offers the ultimate in trout fishing. The myriad rivers and streams, lakes and tarns are an angler's paradise. It's a beautiful, unspoiled environment that attracts fishermen from all around the world.
Almost a Gum Beetle

Whatever your preference, still water, stream or private fishery, maximise your angling opportunities, for wild brown trout by using a guide.



150 years and it just keeps getting better

On May 4th 1864, after previous failed attempts to get fertilised eggs from the UK, the first wild brown trout were hatched at the Tasmanian Salmon Ponds after sailing from England in the sloop Norfolk's special ice packed hold containing some 100,000 salmon and 4,000 wild brown trout eggs.

Only a small % of each species survived and after release, the salmon disappeared out to sea never to return, however, the brown trout flourished in the ideal conditions and started what is now arguably the world's purest strain of wild brown trout fishery.

Tasmania's brown's were used to start New Zealand's (and other southern hemisphere countries) trout fishery.


Do It This Year

"If you haven't been down to Tasmania yet, or a few years, months or even weeks to fish for trout, learn the skills of fly fishing - then do yourself a favour and 'Come on down'. Our accredited guides and lodge members are the best in Tasmania for value adding your Tasmanian trout fishing trip. 150 years of a WILD trout sustained fishery, it doesn't get any better than that."


150th anniversary photographic competition

Check out for FREE entry to the 150th anniversary of trout in Tasmania photographic competition.
There are numerous categories - 150th year action - historic section - juniors - cell phone selfie - interstate and international with a great range of prizes to be won. Competition closes 31st March 2015 with a gala presentation dinner at the Central Highlands Community Hall on 18th April 2015. Full details and entry via the web site.


150th Anniversary Hip Flasks

Exclusive to TGALT member's clients. Can be ordered direct from your TGALT guide or email

Price is $40 plus Handling & Postage.

Hip Flask